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I went in to the gym on 3/21/16 to cancel my membership with my boyfriend as we moved to North Carolina where there is no YouFit gym available. His membership was properly cancelled, but mine has continued to be charged. I called in to complain and instead of being helpful they said there is nothing they can do and that I have to come in person to cancel. I am out of the state and cannot do so! After contacting corporate office they said I have... Read more

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I had the same problem. They even told me a woman signed me up when my girlfriend and I both remember it was a male in his 20's with brown hair. I asked to talk to the GM. His name is Michael. Wellington fl Youfit. And he I don't understand why a General Manager can't do anything to accommodate someone who has paid 20$ a month for 2 years then 10$ a month for a year. Horrible customer service. They literally do not tell you what you are signing.... Read more

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I've paid every month for years. First the 20$ line card. Then the 10$ month to month. That's when I went to the Wellington location. The GM's name is Michael. He's not a manager first off. Managers can make managerial decisions. Hints General Manager band I'm very upset with how they didn't explain anything when I dined up for instance a 42$ annual fee. Also you literally have to go in there to downgrade. Another thing they didn't not tell me.... Read more

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I'm in awe, my 19 year old child wants to join unfit health club and was denied membership because she doesn't have a checking account. Unbelievable! This is terrible because Not everyone has a checking account! In disbelief.. Here she is thinking, what a great place to train before starting the academy and she was slapped in the face with this.....Wow!

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Youfit ran a promotion a day after I signed up for no membership fees. on the phone I was advised that you can cancel your membership within 3 days with zero penalty. When I went in I was informed otherwise. I was also informed that the manager would be there when I went in and he was not. He also did not return my call.

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My name is Tashanna Grant and I have sent an email regarding some issues that I have been having with your company since last month and I have yet to recieve and email back from your company regarding my refund issue. My bank however contacted me after I had filed a complaint with them and they were able to complete getting my refund back from you and had the common courtesy to follow up with me. Now I have had nothing but headaches with your... Read more

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I started going to ufit bc of a knee problem, they talked me into hiring a trainer at 80 bi weekly who would strenghten it up. I was put with an excellant trainer, who cared and my knee was getting stronger. After 6 weeks with her they up and fired her and put me with an *** who knew nothing about my knee, my file mysteriously disappeared.i asked to cancel my training session and have been giving the run around. Don't go to u fit. They only... Read more

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First of all...Horrible customer service. Employees standing around on their phones and incompetent kids running the front desk. It is a Smelly facility and not kept up at all. The equipment is never clean and the bathrooms are just gross. They have Hidden fees and contracts that appear to be a good deal but not at all. Id rather build my own gym at home. Cant cancel my membership without a bunch of hassle and paperwork so they hold on to the... Read more

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I joined club in September of 2015. Unaware when I paid for personal trainer that the club continur charging me for training sessions the followin 4 months adding to 16 sessions totaling $560.00. I had not even used up the first two month sessions I had hurt my back and did not notice the draft each month for personal trainer fee. Yes shame on me for not being diligent into looking at my credit card When I went to club and explained they told... Read more

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I recently tried to cancel the membership for my two children. I pay for these memberships and I signed them up. I was told, that even though the fee comes out of my bank account, my kids need to cancel the memberships themselves. Are you kidding me? It is just another way to hold us hostage to this club. When I cancelled our memberships at 24 hour fitness (5 memberships at one time) there was not fee and they did not require anyone in my family... Read more

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